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Jerilyn's Divine Rhymes, Volume 1

This is the first of many volumes of Jerilyn’s Divine Rhyme © to follow. Since retirement, Ms. Champion has been writing in a daily effusion to bring enlightening information to you, the reader.*

Coming Soon! Four additional Books in Rhyme with Art including

an Allegorical Fairy Tale and an Anti-aging book.

Messages from the Master, Vol. 1

A collection of poems and illustrations dealing with many of the challenging issues and dilemmas in our lives. Some topics are gut-wrenching, but if you persevere, there is a “Golden Lining”. It is my mission to express the knowledge and inspiration that will awaken discovery in others so that they may find their life’s destiny and fulfillment. Massive Prayer, Petition and Tears, with Faith, not Fears! I hope that in these words, you will be Comforted and Blessed, LETTING GOD DO THE REST.

The Cottage Journal
Quips for Comfort

A little daily guide
To keep by your side
To elevate, uplift and advise:
For the curious and the wise
For everybody’s eyes
Partake and uptake
It’s for you we decided this book, to make!!

A Concisely Conscious Christmas

This Christmas book you can read throughout the year.
To your eye it may bring a tear.
And into laughter some of it will steer
. But most of all you’ll know
To Whom holds You so Dear
The secret is in here!

Mimmy and Dimmy
Memoirs of a
Mixed-kid's Mom

In 1975, she gave birth to her son D’Mitri who was “an answered prayer” as she wrote in her poem, “A Child.” This book speaks of their experiences and close bond through the challenges that God orchestrated to illuminate the purpose and destiny that He had for them, as well as the purpose he has for all of His children.*